Are you looking for a fun and friendly photographer, who can make you feel relaxed and capture awesome photos while she’s at it?

If YES - I’m Your GAL!



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Passionate · Kind · LOVING · Gentle · Warm · ENTHUSIASTIC · HUGE ROMANTIC · Very Chatty · Dork · Accidentally Funny · NERDY · CREATIVE · VERY dog obsesseD · also plant obsessed

Hey I’m Lecinda (or Lexi, or L for short) and I live in Melbourne’s glorious west. I’ve got a house full of boys (a husband, dog and cat) who are my favourite people in the whole world, and give me the kind of love and joy that Disney princesses get in their happy endings. Cheesy, but true. You can see some of my fave wedding photos here.

Outside of this biz, I’m all about wine and cheese dates, spending quality time with my friends and fam-bam, snuggling with my dog Oscar, eating good food, exploring outdoors, listening to good music (honestly my Spotify subscription paid for itself within the first week) and just generally filling my heart and soul with things that make my whole body feel alive and connected.

I’m also utterly mad about indoor plants - my home looks like a jungle! I've got about 50 to 60 indoor plants and even run a side business called Plant Creepers with my equally plant-mad friend Allyson.

So far, my life has gone completely not according to plan - and for that I’m really grateful because my 15 year old selfs original life plan was boring AF! The biggest change yet? Dropping almost ten years of study and work as a lawyer to become a full time creative in 2015. Yup! I used to be a lawyer, and you can read more about my story here.

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Behind the scenes



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What’s it like to work with me?

More than anything, I’m inspired warmth, joy and intimacy and by love. For me, being a photographer isn’t just about curating a collection of pretty photographs, it’s about creating a space for you to connect with each other and then bottling all those feelings in photographs for you to treasure forever.

This means there’s no boring posing, no using the word ‘cheese’, no standing still and awkwardly smiling at the camera. We’ll constantly be moving and chatting, having fun and hanging out just like friends. As we go I’ll be giving you heaps of direction and looking out for those little moments that show how much you love each other - I like to call them the 'blink-and-you’ll-miss them' moments, and capturing them for you is my specialty.

 Here's what I promise to do:

  • Never tell you to just "be yourself" - because it's 100% possible to feel like yourself, and still freeze up in front of the camera.

  • Everything I can to make you feel relaxed & comfortable, because the more fun you are having the more natural your images will be. This means I will laugh with you at the awkwardness of the whole situation, pull funny faces, crack terrible dad jokes, and chat with you (because I want to know all about you too).

  • Give you lots of tips about how to stand in a flattering way for YOUR body type, where to put your hands (and what to do with them).

  • Show you photos as we go, so I can get your feedback and hopefully give your confidence a boost when you see how awesome they are!

And the best thing? You don’t even have to look at the camera because it’s all about capturing what it feels like, not just what it looks like.


Q: What do Robin Williams, Ellen Degeneres, Walt Disney and I have in common?


A: We share the same personality type (ENFP) which I interpret to mean we share a silly switch, a love of making people laugh and a passion for filling the world with as much love, kindness and laughter as possible.

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Kind Words



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- Bonus SECTION -

MORE fun facts

  • I love to read, and have pretty much turned our guest bedroom into a library 😍🤓📚.

  • The next destinations on our bucket list are Japan, New Zealand and Iceland (can I add ‘the whole world’ to this list…?!).

  • The first camera I ever owned was a Canon 40D that I bought for $300 from my old roommate, so I could take photos of my cupcakes and start a baking blog.

  • I take the L and R on my headphones very seriously.

  • I much prefer deep and meaningful conversations to chit chat.

  • If I could have a dinner party with anyone it would be with Brene Brown, Ellen and Oprah.