Hi, I'm Lecinda (but you can call me Lexi*)!

 Image by Jess Worrall Photography

Image by Jess Worrall Photography

my philosophy

Whether I am photographing a wedding, a darling little babe or a sweet family – I am always inspired by love, warmth, joy and intimacy. Your time in front of my camera will be fun and full of natural emotions and interactions - there's no boring posing here!  

I'm all about capturing what it feels like, not just what it looks like.  Who you are, your raw + genuine emotions, and all those little moments you never even knew existed - I like to call them 'blink-and-you’ll-miss them' moments, and capturing them for you is my specialty.

Love means everything to me. Being able to capture your love story (whether it is a new kind of love, a steady love or a sixty years old kind of love) and bottle all those feelings for you in photographs which you will hold onto forever, makes my job the best job in the world.  


I lasted approximately three years and 10 months as a lawyer.  Not any kind of lawyer either, I was a family lawyer (something I never wanted to be, because I feel all the feels) and it was a pretty miserable and stressful existence.  So in my pursuit of happiness I picked up a camera, and discovered a passion for capturing love stories.  It became quite an ironic existence – separating families Monday to Friday, and photographing weddings and happy families and sweet babies on the weekends – but it kept me balanced and kept my belief in love alive.

I was lucky enough to wave bye-bye to lawyer life in December 2015, and embrace photography full-time! Being a lawyer was a humbling experience, and taught me the importance of living authentically and doing things that make you truly, deeply, ridiculously happy - it takes some people their whole life to truly understand this, and I feel incredibly blessed that I learned this lesson so early in life.  But at my core, I’m a lover, not a fighter, and now I embrace that part of me wholeheartedly. 

This job is so much more than just curating a collection of pretty photographs – it’s an unexpected adventure, a dream come true and my whole heart.  I’m so grateful to call this my job - I freaking love it!!* Insert jumping for joy here * 


 Image by Jess Worrall Photography

Image by Jess Worrall Photography

MY Nature

My bouncy curls and bright blue eyes give away everything you need to know – I’m a cheeky, eternal optimist and a hopeless romantic, who loves to laugh and cry (both frequently happen on a daily basis because I feel all the feels).  Intimate wine and cheese dates with my nearest and dearest are my favourite, I love to dance in my kitchen while cooking, and making pancakes with my family is a Sunday morning tradition.  My husband Dan is the best guy I've ever met – he is my whole world, and gives me the kind of love and joy that Disney princesses get in their happy endings. Cheesy, but true.

The next destinations on our bucket list are Tasmania, Japan, New Zealand and Iceland (can I add ‘the whole world’ to this list…?!).  And finally, Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Walt Disney, Phil Dunphy (the dorky dad from Modern Family) and I share the same personality type, which I interpret to mean we share a silly switch, a love of making people laugh and a passion for filling the world with as much love, kindness and laughter as possible.




· My husband (Dan) and I have two fur babies, Oscar and Tyke (pro-tip, you can meet them in my Instagram Stories!)

· I take the L and R on my headphones seriously ·

· Currently obsesses with The Good Place + Grace and Frankie + Outlander + Brooklyn 99 on Netflix ·

· In 2016 (during our Europe honeymoon) I became obsessed with plants, and am currently growing a small indoor army of houseplants ·

· I'm ENFP and if you don't know what that means, google it! ·

· I looooove to read. Hit me up with your book recommendations! ·

· I've never had drugs or smoked a cigarette - ever ·

· Dan and I are both from Queensland originally - hola Sunshine Coast peeps! ·

· I like to talk and write a lot, obviously ·


I'm over there almost every day - come and say hi!

The story behind 'lexi'

Okay - I can hear you wondering this all the way from over here! It's pretty simple, I can't use 'Lucy' - my mum actually avoided the traditional spelling of 'Lucinda' because she didn't want me being called Lucy! So my family calls me 'Cinda', which is fine, but I hate being introduced as Cinda. I was telling this story to someone, and they asked me if I ever got called Lexi......mind. blown. So, now it's a thing!  I really think it suits me, what do you think?

· cover image by Chris Allsop Photography ·