Our first Christmas in our new home

Ever since we moved to Melbourn 7+ years ago, we've always travelled back hom to Queensland to spend the holidays with our families. But after we bought our first home last year, we decided that we wanted to spend it here and we were grateful Dan's family could come and join us!

Once we decided we were staying, holy heck - the full force of Christmas spirit was unleashed within me and I errr, went a little crazy. Real christmas trees, stacks of presents, lights and baubles errywhere, a wreath on our front door, and candy canes and all.the.things.'

I was also sick as a dog, I pushed myself way too much at the end of November (a full day wedding followed by 4 days of painting afterwards) and came down with the worst virus, but when the 1st of December rolled around NOTHING was stopping me from driving to the Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm to pick out a real tree!


Look, I will admit that I wanted something way bigger (Dan vetoed me) but this guy only cost us $60 (I thought they’d be way more expensive).

But once we got him inside, and set him up in the corner he looked pretty goooood. And then after a quick trip to IKEA for some white shelves, I was a little in love with our Christmas corner.

December Plant Creepers-9.jpg

One of the most exciting bits of Christmas was that I surprised Dan with a drone - something he’s wanted for yeeears. And it took a full year of scrimping and saving but it was all worth it for the look on his face ♥. I splurged and grabbed the Mavic Air, with the Fly More combo (because I got it on sale at an incredible price and the Spark didn’t interest me).

It’s been so much fun to play with! Seeing our beautiful country from such a unique perspective is incredible, I mean sure you get to see it from above when you fly in a plane, but there is so much more freedom in flying lower to the ground and controlling where you go. The coastline is incredibly beautiful (and I hope Dan learns how to use Adobe Premiere Pro soon so we can cut a video together of some of our favourite bits and pieces).

It also takes pretty rad photos! Here’s a few of my favourite photos.


Dan’s parents traveled down from Queensland to help us celebrate our first Christmas. For the past 7 years we’ve always combined Christmas with travel back to Qld, so it felt very odd to be staying at home, but it was so much fun waking up and opening presents here and being with everyone. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite photos from our break in another post soon, together with my thoughts on the Sony A7ii mirrorless camera I bought a few months ago.


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, it can be a hard time for some (myself included in ways that I can’t share here).

Sending you love,

Lexi xx

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