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After nine long months of growing and whispering hopes and dreams to the little life within you – you are finally together. Those first few weeks at home with your baby are such a special time in your life, your home is just overflowing with love, warmth and pure adoration for this little person you have created! But this part of your life will go so fast, and it will become a foggy memory all too quickly. All those tiny details will soon be lost to time, and you'll never get them back.

When it comes to having all these precious moments captured, I offer two different types of sessions - the Simply Natural session, or an In-Home Lifestyle Session (or a combination of both).

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We absolutely love our photos, we had such an amazing time with you and the photos really capture our joy and happiness! We loved that you were so good with Oliver, just like an Aunty would be. We feel like we’ve known you for ages! Thank you so much!
— Corinne
They are DIVINE! I cried looking at them this morning, you have captured such an important moment for us and we are so thankful.

You are so kind and warm, and thank you for handling the surprise poop all over your hands so amazingly!
— Laura
I have no words...our photos are so, so, so beautiful!! Thank you SO MUCH! You have captured our new life with Delphi so perfectly, and with Daisy and Eli who are such a huge part of our lives too. My heartfelt thanks, I absolutely love them.
— Viv


Have you thought about having your bump and baby captured?

Pregnancy isn’t always pretty, so your first thought might be oh HELL TO THE NO!  But can I tell you something? I’ve never had anyone say ‘Oh yay, I can’t wait to have my photo taken, hurray it’s photo time!
Everyone (including me) feels nervous about jumping in front of the camera; and I’m here to remind you that your bump is beautiful. You are beautiful. No matter how pregnancy has affected your body, you are making LIFE inside of you, and that is pretty freaking amazing.

Your bump is not the main focus; we won’t spend your whole session taking photos of you posing with your hand on your belly (because, boring). Instead, I want to capture things like the way your partner tenderly touches your tummy. The way he holds you extra gently, your glow, your joy, your excitement!

This bump is a once-in-a-lifetime event - if you do not take any images of this time in your life, you will never have them, ever. And while it may be your first or third pregnancy, each will deliver you an experience (and a baby) that is unique to this world.

Packages and discounts are availble when you book a maternity session together with a simply natural session.

You can see an example of a bump to baby session here, or over here.


If you would like some more information, shoot me an email and I'll send you my comprehensive pricing and information guide!

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