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Melbourne Newborn Photographer

After nine long months...your little one is finally with you.


After nine long months of growing and whispering hopes and dreams to the little life within you – you are finally together.  The love you feel for this tiny human is powerful, and so overwhelming - you think you'll never forget what this feels like, or just how small they are.

But this part of your life will go so fast, and it will become a foggy memory all too quickly - all those tiny details will soon be lost to time (and sleep deprivation).  And once these moments are gone, you'll never get them back.

When it comes to having all these precious moments captured, I offer two different types of sessions - the Simply Natural session, or an In-Home Lifestyle Session (or a combination of both), and I offer a 10% discount on bump (maternity) sessions when they are booked with either type of newborn session.

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Simply NaturaL SESSIONS   |   In-Home LifestylE SESSIONS


Simply Natural - Studio Sessions

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Melbourne newborn photographer

During each and every session, I am focused on two things - capturing all the little details that make your little unique, and two; simple and natural portraits of you with your little one that are full of your love (and there are no props, pumpkins or headbands with me).

The end result? A beautiful collection of images that when viewed together, capture everything that makes your little one unique as well as the new, yet deeply profound connections between you.


Newborn babies are so sweet and precious, and so small for such a short period of time.  

These early days will a pass in such a blur, and all those perfect little things you will want to remember forever – tiny toes and fingers, small button noses, itty bitty lips and eyelashes; will be lost to you forever.  And when your memories eventually fade, you will be able to hold onto these photos, and remember.

If you are interested in finding out more info, please hit the button below to get in touch [or keep scrolling to read the F.A.Q section].


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to schedule a Simply Natural Session?

A Simply Natural session is ideally held within the first 6-10 days after birth while your little one is still sleepy and curly, having not yet fully adjusted to life on the outside (or the extra leg room). Once your little one moves past this age they become more awake and it can become more difficult to capture a wide range of individual portraits of your little one.

Once you are booked in, I will mark your due date in my calendar and once your little one has arrived safely earth side we can arrange an exact date for your session.

It’s always best to book in your session during your pregnancy, to reserve your session and avoid disappointment as newborn sessions are usually booked out 2-3 months in advance.


Where are the Simply Natural Sessions held?

These sessions are held in my natural light home studio, located in Point Cook (about 20 minutes from the CBD, over the West Gate Bridge, along the Westgate Freeway). 

The studio is warm and cosy, with plenty of space for you to relax and watch the session unfold.  My home studio sits on a large park with a playground, which is perfect for families with energetic toddlers who need space to play during the session.


What happens during the Simply Natural Session?

It’s exactly what it sounds like - simple, real and natural. Your little one is the star of the show, and I will spend the majority of our session capturing all of their sweet details - wrinkly fingers and toes, little ears small button noses, itty bitty lips and eyelashes and sleepy eyes. 

No two Simply Natural sessions are the same, the flow of your session is set by the mood of your little one on the day, as well as the natural way their body moves. Some babies prefer to be all curled up; some prefer to stretch out - and I won’t know this until the day. 

Your little one will set the pace, and I always schedule plenty of time for quieting, soothing, nappy changes, feeding and cuddling. No matter what, I always keep a relaxed and unhurried pace to keep both you and baby calm, happy and safe. During the session, your little one rests on a big, flat beanbag, and we can choose from a variety of wraps and blankets in neutral colour tones, which gives a very natural feel to your images.

But your session is more than simply capturing what we see, it’s about capturing what you feel too; and we will also capture the love that exists between you all with beautiful and timeless portraits.  I will capture photos of each parent with the baby, parens together as well as with siblings, in a variety of photos.

My goal? To create timeless images that you will love, hold and look back on for the rest of your life.


Do you use props, headbands and buckets?

Babies are beautiful just as they are, which is why I will never use props [things like buckets, headbands, pumpkins or knitted outfits] unless they are heirloom pieces that have deep meaning to you.


How long does the session go for?

Each session normally runs for you for two to four hours, and is entirely dependent on your little one and how long it takes to feed them, and settle them. It’s best not to plan anything on the day of your session if you can avoid it.


Are you fully vaccinated?

Sure am! I stay up to date with my Whooping Cough Vaccination, and I recieve a booster shot every three to four years to ensure my immunity (as immunity provided by the vaccine can start to decrease after two years and stops completely by 10 years.

Can siblings participate?

Absolutely!  I love to capture some photos between siblings on the beanbag where your older children can admire, touch and gently play with their new baby brother or sister without disturbing them too much.


But I feel a little self-conscious about having my photo taken, especially after I give birth. Can you just take photos of the baby?

This is completely understandable, and the thought of having your photo taken when you feel like a hot mess can be really anxiety-inducing.

BUT - I refuse to let you leave until you've jumped in front of the camera.

My approach to photography throughout your session is a gentle and friendly one - capturing you comfortably and candidly is paramount; and I am experienced in positioning you and capturing you at flattering angles.

And I promise, in five, ten, twenty and thirty years time, you will not care about what you looked like and your little one will always be grateful to see how much you love and cherish them ♥

You'll also receive a full preparation and information guide after booking, full of tips on what to wear so you are feeling at your best.


How many years have you been working as a newborn photographer?

I have been working as a photographer for four years, and photographing newborns for three. So far, I have handled 100+ babies including preemies, twins, recently circumsized babies and babies with phsyical impairments.

The safety of your little one is my number one priority at all times, and will be closely monitored and within arms reach by me at all times.


What happens if you are sick for our newborn session?

As soon as I am aware that I am unwell, or becoming unwell, I will provide you with as much notice as possible. Depending on my symptoms and how unwell I am, I will either completely reschedule your session to the next available date or alternatively provide you with the option to proceed if you would feel comfortable with that (for example if I have a very mild head cold and am otherwise totally fine).  


How much, and what is included?

Each collection includes your session and all edited digital images (estimated at 40+) in a high resolution copy and web resolution copy for easy sharing online.

Simply Natural Newborn Sessions start at $880, and can be combined with the In-Home Lifestyle Session. Payment plans are available - a booking fee of $220 will reserve your session spot, and the balance can be paid over two to five installments.


Are there any discounts available?

You will receive a 10% discount on any maternity (bump) session when it is booked at the same time as a newborn session. Curious about what a maternity session looks like? You can see some examples over on the Bump page.


Do you offer prints and albums?

Abso-freaking-lutely! You can view the full range of studio products in my pricing guide - please contact me to receive a copy of this via email. You can also view various samples at the studio when you come for your session.


In-Home Lifestyle Sessions

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Melbourne in-home lifestyle newborn photographer

In-home lifestyle newborn photography sessions are all about capturing your love and connection, and what daily life looks like for you now. We will get to spend time in some of your favourite rooms (as long as they recieve natural light). Usually this is the living room, master room and sometimes the nursery and kitchen.

The whole family can get involved (pets too) and these sessions are filled with lots and lots of cuddles - you should expect to be cuddling someone non-stop the whole time I am there.

The main goal of these sessions is to just capture this new and special time before sleep deprivation carries these memories away forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should we schedule an in-home session?

An In-Home Lifestyle session is a bit more flexible with timing, and can be held up to 4 weeks after birth. The older your little one gets, the more likely we can capture a little bit of their personality as well as photos with their eyes wide open.  In-home lifestyle sessions are a bit more flexible, and should be scheduled for the time of the day that your home receive the most amount of natural light.

Clients usually reserve their session during pregnancy, as my weekends are prime real estate and are booked out 2-3 months in advance.


Will you still take photos of my baby on it's own?

Yes of course, but the main focus in this session is the connections you all share, which means you will all be in the majority of photos.  I will photograph your little one on their own, in whatever you have them dressed in, and use your wraps and blankets.

My ability to photograph their details is dependent on whether they are asleep during the session, and how wrapped up they are! Keep in mind if you want photos of their feet, that you shouldn't have them wrapped up if you can avoid it.


What do we wear?

Keep it simple, with neutral colours and minimal patterns. This will keep your images timeless for longer.  You'll recieve a full what to wear guide after you have booked in, with samples and more detailed suggestions.

What do we do if someone is sick?

If someone is really sick (gastro, high fevers, etc), I as that you contact me to reschedule your session as I'm regularly exposed to newborns less than one week old, and don't want to risk exposing them. It's also no fun for you to be engaged and ready to have your photo taken if you've been up all night with a sick little one.  If I'm sick, I will contact you asap to discuss your session and whether we need to reschedule. Either way, I'll reschedule you to the next available spot!


How do we prepare?

If you choose to have an in-home lifestyle session we will also take some candid photos on the couch or in the master bedroom, depending on which area has the best natural light, so these are the areas you should focus on when preparing. I recommend that you do some general decluttering before I arrive, as you don’t want anything too distracting in your images - but please don’t stress! A bit of mess is fine, I love homes that look lived in (you don't want it to look bare and sterile!).


How Much?

In-home lifestyle sessions start at $660.   Payment plans are available - all you need to do to reserve your session spot is pay a booking fee of $220, and the balance can be split over two fortnightly or monthly installments. For more information, check the investment page or You can see the full range of studio products in my pricing guide, please send me an email to receive your copy.