I think Dave Williams says it best...'There are no perfect parents, and no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments along the way...'

Life isn't perfect, people aren't perfect, and your session would be far too boring if we all sat still and said 'cheeeeeese' a million times.

I'm all about images that are real, that are wholehearted and full of connection and movement, that capture your personalities and show the genuine love and affection between you.

When we pay attention to the little things, our world is open to so many new moments - like joyful and cheeky smiles; little ones who nuzzle into your neck; giggling faces and scrunchy noses; the way the wind ruffles through their sweet curly hair; from belly laughs to tantrums and big fat tears - these moments are full of warmth, joy and intimacy and they inspire me too.

But what I really want to do, is to capture the real you. Not what or who you see before you in the mirror, I want to capture the person we see, your husband sees, your children see. The way your whole face lights up when your child laughs, how your body folds gently around your child as you hold them. The way you look at your lover, and the way he looks at you.  What you look like when lost in thought, how your laugh lines crinkle around your eyes that show you have lived a life full of love and laughter. 

This is your family, your life, and I want you to remember it forever.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, hit the button below to connect with me - or keep scrolling to see some of my most recent work and answers to frequently asked questions.


It’s so heart-warming for me to work with people who (more often than not) don’t like having their photos taken, but who still get up at the crack of dawn, get dressed and meet me at a park or a beach and let me take their photos anyway.  And while it might feel awkward to start with, I love being able to make my client’s feel comfortable enough to drop their walls, their preconceived ideas about having to look at the camera and ‘say cheese’ – well, like I said in the video, there’s never any cheese with me.

It's a bit strange at first, because you have no idea what to do or where to look but I'll guide you through that, and work overtime to make sure everyone is relaxed and having fun...because this is when the magic happens.  

We'll go on an adventure looking for fairies or lions hiding in bushes, play silly games, and have tickle fights.  I'll make lame dad jokes, and pull funny faces with your kids - in my experience, no matter how much of a grump someone is (I'm looking at the three-nager's here), they will always join in with the fun eventually.  If you've got kids above the age of four, once you guys have warmed up and gotten used to me, I'm going to start asking your kids what they love most about you, about each other, and what you love most about them - this stuff is real, it's honest, and these moments with your kids will melt your heart as a mum and dad.

As a bonus, you end up with photos you will all treasure forever!


Renae + corinne + the entire fam-bam

I first met Corrine and her husband Ben when I photographed their newborn baby boy about a year ago - and I was so stoked when her sister Renae contacted me. They go camping as a big family every year in January, and I had the best time with them at Indented Heads earlier this year.

They are so joyful and lovely it should almost be illegal (totally kidding, I freaking love it ♥♥♥).

tai + jason + jasper

The light, the hot air balloons landing right in front of us, the adorable baby...YOU ARE ALL DELICIOUS and I could just gobble all your cuteness up!!! This little fam bam were so gentle and joyful and just plain happy to be together, you can just see the love flowing around them!

My sunrise sessions are so magical, especially when we all get to experience things like this!   What a great way to start the day!!





Your session

Each session is carefully planned and personalised around each client, and no two sessions are alike – your images are unique to you and what makes your family, your family.

Digitals + Prints

All of my collections include digital images, but it is also essential that my clients come away with something tangible from our time together. Custom photography is an investment for both of us, and I would be heartbroken for your images to collect virtual dust on your iPhone or hard drive!  Your images are designed to stand alone and be joyfully displayed on your walls for many years, as well as tell your story when strung together in a fine art storybook album – and options for prints or albums are always included in every package.




Lecinda, you perfectly captured the personalities of our little girls and we will treasure these photos forever. Thank you for being so fun to hang out with, and for capturing such fun moments of us all!
— Natalie
I LOVED how you interacted with my three year old. I knew he was going to be “hard work”, but you made him laugh, feel important & comfortable with you - even my husband commented on how not painful it was. We love our photos so much, thank you again!!
— Kim
You would never know that my child was having a non-smiling day, or that my husband hates having his photo taken! Somehow you captured everything we wanted in our family photos, while we had a fabulous time together. THANK YOU!
— Belinda


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