The best time to have your session outdoors

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When will your session be held?

If we are shooting outdoors, the time of day we hold your session is super important.

Your session will never be held at midday, as the sun is smack bang in the middle of the sky which causes lots of squinty eyes, nasty shadows on the face and harsh lights and shadows on the ground.

For outdoor sessions, every single session is held during the golden hour, either at sunrise or sunset. Sunrise is the best, I'm not an early morning person, but it’s truly worth it for the beautiful light. There are usually no people around which also helps you feel less awkward and we won’t have to wait
for anyone to move out of the way. Both the weather (and kids) are usually better behaved and more predictable in the morning as well.

Sunrise varies depending on the time of year, and can be anywhere from 6am to 7.30am depending on the time of year.

Once we've chosen a date, I'll consult the inter-webs and let you know the exact time of sunrise so we can make the most of the pretty light!

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Summer sessions take place two hours before sunset or during the first hour or two of sunrise. Pro tip - sunrise sessions are also much cooler! Sunrise is about 6am, and sunset sessions start between 7-8pm, which is usually too late for kids anyway.



The time changes rapidly from March to May, and changes in mid-April due to daylight savings, so that will make the start time one hour earlier. Sunrise varies from 6.30 to 7.30am during Autumn, and sunset sessions will start between 3pm to 6pm depending on the month.



You can plan on your session taking place around 3pm in the afternoon, but early morning are best as the weather is calmer and sessions start at about 7am.



Again, the sunrise and sunset time drastically varies during these three months. It's a bit confusing with the beginning of daylight savings, but in September, we start at about 6.45am - but this is only at the start of the month, by the end of September sunrise is already at 6am!  The sun moves quickly in the warmer months, almost a minute a day. In October, daylight savings starts, so our start time shifts back to 7am, then in November it's at about 6am again......the things you need to know as a photographer!!!

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What if it's raining?

In case you hadn't figured it out already, I moonlight as a weather-girl in my spare time....kidding, but sometimes it feels like it. The reality of living in Melbourne is that we will have to deal with unpredictable weather patterns at some point.

I'll always consult the weather the day before our session and make a decision as to whether our start time needs to be adjusted. This is when the forecast is the most reliable, so all I ask is that keep your morning open and flexible, so we can adjust our start time if we need to.  

If it looks like rain, we'll reschedule. If it looks mostly cloudy, we will delay our start time by 30 minutes or so, to let the sun burn through the clouds a bit. If it says partly cloudy, but the rest of the day is sunny, I usually won't change anything, because partly cloudy could mean anything from 2 clouds in the sky to clouds along the horizon, neither option affects us too much.


Weekends or Weekdays?

Weekends get booked out pretty quickly, especially in wedding season.  

Weekdays can also work! Especially in the summer months, as sunrise is really early and we are usually done by 7.30am ish, which leaves time for you to get to work on time, and get the kids to school (maybe a little bit late, but it will be worth it I promise).  


Want more info?

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