Are you a little camera shy?

Lecinda Ward Photography-113.jpg

If you are a little anxious about this whole "photo session" thing - you aren't alone!

And would it surprise you to know that 90% of my clients are nervous about being in front of the camera (because it's true!). But you wouldn't know it looking through all the photos on my website.

So how and why does everyone look so darned relaxed and happy and joyful in front of my camera? How do I get my clients to trust me, so that they feel comfortable letting down their walls and being intimate and vulnerable in front of a complete stranger (because that’s exactly what’s happening, even if you don’t realise it).

It all starts before we ever meet in real life, and there’s no magic sentence that gets people to trust me - it’s a slow process and I have to earn that trust. People are pretty switched on these days, hyper vigiliant about scammers and reluctant to trust.

I try to do that by showing up consistently, here on my website, on my socials, in my email communications, in my pricing guides; by sharing my passion for this “job” and by being authentic and genuine (consistently), by being helpful and as kind as possible. And by the time my clients arrive at their shoot, there’s a strong foundation of trust that is reinforced the second they meet me in person and realise that the onine version of me and the real version of me are one and the same.

That doesn’t mean they still aren’t nervous about having their photos taken, because they are!

But the important thing is they arrive at our session knowing they aren’t alone, they trust me to help them work through it all and make it as painless as possible (and dare I say, actually fun!). The session is the easiest bit, because my clients are willing to go along with all the crazy, silly, corny things I tell them to do without feeling embarrased or vulnerable (because they trust it’s for a reason). Seeing the photos on the back of the camera as we go always helps too.

Here's my promise to you:

  • I'll never tell you to just "be yourself" - because it's 100% possible to feel like yourself, and still freeze up in front of the camera;

  • What I will do, is everything I can to make you feel relaxed & comfortable, because the more fun you are having the more natural your images will be. This means I will:

  • laugh with you at the awkwardness of the whole situation;

  • pull funny faces;

  • crack terrible dad jokes;

  • chat with you (I want to know all about you too);

  • Most importantly, give you lots of direction about how to stand in a flattering way for YOUR body type, where to put your hands (and what to do with them)

I'll also show you photos as we go, so I can get your feedback and make sure you are happy with your photos - and hopefully give your confidence a boost when you see how awesome they are. And obviously I’m not a miracle worker, but this is the best kind of feedback for me, because what I love most about this “job” is giving you the gift of seeing yourselves from the outside.

Showing you what your love looks like. What you look like when you laugh, when your eyes sparkle, how your bodies melt into each other when you hold each other, what you look like when you are watching your little ones or the love that comes over your face as you look at your little one - because it's likely you've never actually seen yourself the way we see you.

So if you’re sick of your nerves from holding you back from making memories with and for your loved ones, I would love to talk to you.