Our first home-versary

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Our one year anniversary

The doorbell rang this morning, and scared the sh*t out of Oscar and I. There we were just chillin’ on the couch, having a snuggle - how dare this person ruin our lazy Saturday morning!

Shockingly, it was our real estate agent with the cutest gingerbread house gift to celebrate our one year anniversary (say what) of the day we got the keys to our new home. Ummm hello customer service of the year! But also - how has it been a year already?????????

And I haven’t even given you a tour…whoops!

If you want to see some before photos, make sure you quickly look at this blog post before you scroll any further!



Honestly, I’m pretty terrible at taking before/after photos 🤦‍♀️ so there aren’t really any of us moving. I was too focused on ensuring the safe transport of all my plants!!

And no, those aren’t all of our boxes, just the ones with all my books 😅.

Also I just wanted to show you my very appropriate new doormat haha!



You can see a full tour of my studio over here but I’ll pop a few photos below!

This space makes me soo happy, working in here is such a delight. It was (surprisingly) the first room I painted, it was too cream and it was throwing the white balance out of whack, so I painted it a neutral white and I adore it.

Although, as much as I love the couch in there, I need to replace it with something else because Tyke (the cat) has clawed it to pieces. It’s right now covered in a very fashionable leopard print blanket (🤣) to try and protect it a bit. So if anyone is in the market for a slightly used couch, hit me up.

The room is right off the front door, which is perfect for clients, and there’s a powder room/toilet around the corner too!

The biggest concern I had was that this is a west facing room, which is not totally ideal for photography, but it’s actually been fine. I do have to play around with my white balance a lot, as it’s very blue in the mornings, and very yellow in the afternoons, but I’ve figured out how the light in here works and now I adjust everything without too much thought. I’m actually glad it’s not north or east facing now, as I would get too much direct light.



You won’t find any before photos of this room in my other blog post, there weren’t any in the official listing. But this room is opposite the studio. There’s an internal sliding door which I can close to block off the back part of the house (kitchen + living) so I kiiiind of have a dedicated working space that is a little separate to the rest of the house.

Tykey has discovered that he can reach the top of the wardrobe in here, and it’s one of his favourite sleeping spots in winter, as there is a heating vent close by. A typical day in winter will find both boys snoozing in my office, keeping my company while I work ♥.



Ahhhh this room was SO BLUE. Just, so blue. And it took us so long to paint it, because there’s so much furniture in here. We should realistically have painted it before we moved in, but we didn’t know what colour and thought it was best to live in it for a while before we committed to a paint colour.

Towards the end of the year we decided that we were going to celebrate Christmas here in our new home with our family, instead of going back to Queensland like we do every year, and I was immediately determined that we would not be celebrating with blue walls (or the weird ass curtains).

So at the end of November Dan moved the furniture out and sanded down the walls down while I was at a wedding, and then I spent the next week painting the whole room. And yes, I still enjoy painting haha! Even though I got sick as a dog from it!

We’re currently in the process of renovating our kitchen table (sanding it back, changing the legs and restaining it) so I don’t have a current photos of the dining area (yet).

Having lighter walls makes such a huge difference to the whole feel of the room, and I do not miss those blue walls at all. We also removed the curtains left by the previous owner, and replaced them with these dual blockout roller blinds in charcoal (omg, they’re amaze and I’ve since added them to my office, and one of the upstairs bedrooms).

Our final colour was Lexicon Quarter by Dulux. I originally thought we would go with Lexicon Half, but after I had done the first coat I decided it was too dark and changed my mind. So if anyone wants most of a huge tin of paint in Lexicon Half, hit me up lol.



Oh. My. LORD. We are all obsessed with this staircase. This staircase. I really did dream about it daily, and all the plants I would hang in here, while we waited for settlement. No joke.

One of the very first things I did was hang my Devil’s Ivy in here, and it grew like a total beast and fulfilled all the sexy dreams I had about it before we moved in. But I accidentally killed it (I took it down to deep water it and then left it in the dark bathroom for a week 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️) so it died from over-watering. So now I have a Jade Ivy hanging here instead.

Our fur-babies love sleeping here, just the other day Oscar ditched me in my office to come sleep on the steps in the sun (Oscar is usually attached to my side, so this should tell you how much he loves it).

I also hung a gallery wall of photos up the other wall, with some of our favourite photos and hhnnghh I love it!

For those of you wondering, these are the Matte Art prints which I purchased through my lab, and I framed them in frames I purchased on the cheap from Kmart. You can read more about why I didn’t use professional framing in this post.


Our sanctuary ♥. Full of plants (but do you expect anything less from me?!). The plants have also changed a bit in here over the last twelve months, as I sadly lost quite a few babies to pests. But this room makes my heart happy, and it’s soo nice to have a room with a nice big window that gets a breeze (our previous house was a bit of a cave).



We’re really lucky to have found a home with two extra bedrooms (lots of space to [[[one day]]] grow into. Dan uses one room as his office, and the other room is currently our library/guest room which we haven’t done much with (as we had friends living with us for 6 months last year who were using the room).



Firstly, I hope you aren’t tempted to compare your life to mine ♥. If you are in the process of hunting for a house, and have found it to be hard and stressful or you feel like you’ll never get here…rest assured we felt like that too, and you will get to where you want to be eventually. Just keep going, one foot in front of the other ♥. Don’t look at us and think it came easy! Even though we found this place quickly, we spent many, many years before that working hard and making sacrifices. We spent many, many years in debt and the early years of our relationship were tough financially. Then we got more debt when we decided to get married and travel Europe like maniacs 😅. We’ve lived in dark, tiny homes and scrimped and saved our pennies to get here (it hasn’t all been roses for us). And while we love our home, it’s location isn’t ideal. Dan travels an hour (each way) a day to work (minimum). Of course we are lucky and grateful to love the roof over our heads, to live in a safe neighbourhood, and within our means - but no one is perfect, and no one has a perfect life. Least of all us!

And of course this wouldn’t be possible without all of your ongoing support of my business, I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you for reading this blog, for booking in sessions with me and trusting me to capture your life and love. It means so much to me, and the fact I get to help support my family financially doing something I love is something I never, ever take for granted.


With love,

Lexi x

PS: The next things on our renovation list are our laundry (it really needs a facelift, it’s not very usable at the moment), upgrading the shelving in our walk in wardrobe, and one day [[[one day]]] building a deck and roof over the back courtyard. So if you want to find me on Pinterest and stalk all my home-related-inspiration boards, you can find me on Pinterest here.