We bought a house!

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You guys - we did it! We bought a house (and signed our lives away on the dotted line etc etc) but we did it, and we love it.

There’s room for me to have a studio, and an office, and still bedrooms upstairs. There’s a park literally outside our front door which Oscar is going to love, and a backyard with grass we don’t need to mow that Oscar is also gonna love.

And did I mention the STAIRCASE.

No joke, I think I might dream about this big dreamy staircase with it’s windows and sunshine every night until we move in. THINK OF THE PLANTS I CAN PUT IN THERE!

Honestly, I think the staircase sold me on the house. Wait till you see it!

Buying a house is no joke though you guys, it’s an intense process, and for us it happened super quickly (we were looking for less than three months which is unheard of, but it just ticked all the right boxes).

There’s also a very blue room which I will be painting over pronto. It’s not very blue in the photos, but oh man, it is in your face in real life.

Ohh gosh I am so excited to move in and start making it ours!

And while I’m here, I just want to give you all the biggest hug for supporting me and my business. I wasn’t sure this day would ever come, and the fact that it has? All you guys, and my whole soul thanks you!

Stay tuned for a tour once we are moved in (in SIX WEEKS eeeeeeep #prayforme) ♥.

With love,

Lexi x

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