hello lovers

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every love story starts and ends the same...

...but the journey you take to get there is what really makes it unique.



Every love story usually starts out the same - boy and girl meet, they fall in love and get married. But it’s that middle part, the part about how they fell in love that is always different.  Documenting couples in love, at every stage of their story, from engagement to weddings to anniversary shoots to just-because-I-love-you shoots, is my happy place.

But with all the fancy-schmany phones, and excellent selfie-cameras - do you really need to book a couples session?  YES, YES, YES - x1000000 times yes.

Okay, I'm slightly biased, but let me ask you a question - how many photos of you and your fiance/husband do you have, that aren’t selfies or taken by a friend on their phone?

How many photos do you have, that aren't selfies?

And out of those photos - how many do you love? Love enough to print and frame? I’m willing to bet it’s not many. A photo taken by a professional will be 10x better than a selfie on your iPhone!

It's hard to think about, but imagine a future in which your loved one was no longer here - and these photos were all you had to remember them, and your love? 

Keep scrolling to view some of my recent work, or if you are ready to make magic together just hit the button below to connect with me.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a session?

Trusting a professional to capture your love means you don't need to worry about the photo-taking bit anymore, and allows you to just focus on each other. Your only job is to snuggle in close, and laugh until your belly aches.  And yes, you might feel uncomfortable, awkward, and alllllll the things at the start! We will laugh a lot, I will help direct you and in between those little moments of awkwardness come total gems of authentic interactions that can only happen when two people are in love.

Being able to bottle all those feelings in photographs for you, to hand you a time capsule full of moments that transport you the minute you hold them in your hands; that show what it feels like (not just what it looks like) ... well it’s everything to me. Heck - even just writing that sentence made my heart beat faster!!


Where are your sessions held?

I'm located in Melbourne, and I equally love spending time with my couples in their home, and adventuring off the beaten path for these sessions. I've hiked the YouYangs, photographed my clients cliff jumping at Mt. Martha and wandered the bush with my couples, so I'm open to exploring almost anywhere.

At the end of the day though, the best locations are the ones that have meaning to you.

How much are your couples packages?

Standalone couples photography sessions start at $880, which includes your one and a half hour session, as well as all edited digital images.

Couples sessions are included in all of my wedding packages, and offered at a discounted rate.


Who are these sessions for?

A couples session is perfect for any stage of your life, but my most popular couples are those who are recently engaged (congratulations!). I've even been lucky to photograph a surprise proposal!

They are also the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary with your partner, and your journey so far.


Do you photograph weddings as well?

I sure do! You can find my wedding photography packages over here.