A cheeky office update


When I first started my business, I had a small corner desk in the spare bedroom. It took me about 6 months after I had quit my job as a lawyer and gone full time with this “job” to realise that it was actually acceptable (and necessary) for me to competely take over the spare bedroom. Getting rid of our spare bed (we swapped it to a futon), and getting a bigger desk and storage cupboard seemed excessive, but you know what? I outgrew that pretty quickly too.

Unfortunately, I can be pretty stubborn - so I just kept adapting, and adapting, and adapting. Clearing out things regularly (I also have hoarder tendencies) helped but the lack of bench space meant I was constantly taking over our kitchen table, for packaging things, art projects, almost everything.

When we moved into our new home, and I had this glorious new office space, I thought - woohoo! Look at all those shelves! But the problem was I lost a whole wardrobe worth of storage space in the move, and this white cupboard is usualyl bursting at the seams.

And my office? Constanly messy, piled up with shit because there wasn’t enough functional storage space.

But the biggest catalyst for change this year is that I want to (eventually) hire a studio assistant to work with me here, part time. And there was nowhere for them to work (and yes, I’ve toyed with the idea of a virtual assistant for like 18 months, but ultimately I realised that I wasn’t committing because I want somewhere here in person). Also, my husband was getting frustrated that my art projects had found a semi-permanent home on our kitchen table.

I’ve been toying with the idea of expanding my desk space for a while, and the other day I was wondering the aisles of IKEA (for completely unrelated reasons) and I saw the desks - something in me just snapped. I’d been waiting to do the reno until I was in a better financial position/closer to hiring someone. But then I thought, perhaps it would be better to do the desk now and have a visual representation of my goal (and look, you can never have too much bench space, right?).

Now I’ve got a dedicated art corner, more functional desk storage with these new drawers, and a spare desk so that when I’m ready to hire, I’m READY. And I luuuurve it.

Let’s see how long it takes for it to get messy though 😅.


We thought the desks would fit perfectly in the space, but due to the window sill one desk was about 5cm too long. My very skilled hubby took it into the shed and trimmed it down on one edge and now it fits perfectly.

Originally, I purchased 6 legs, and had one table all with legs, and the Alex drawers just under the other table, but it looked weird, so I ended up removing the legs from the other table, and sitting the Alex drawers equally under both tables and it looks much neater.

A note about the Alex drawers - they aren’t fixed to the tabletops. IKEA only provide you with some non-slip silicone dots, which do prevent the table top from sliding around freely, but it does move if you bump it. I ended up buying some more from Officeworks though. If it becomes annoying, we will probably try to figure out a way to permanently attach them.


Desk tops - IKEA Linnmon, in white oak (150cm).

Drawer - IKEA Alex Drawer

Legs - IKEA Adils Leg in white

IKEA Signum Cable Manager - this is screwed into the base of one of the tables.

Kmart Scandi Bookshelf

Black Wire Memo Board

AMART Spacesaver cupboard (white)

White shelves purchased with house.

The shelf that my computer monitors are sitting on was made by me :)