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A collection of families ♥

A collection of some of my favourite family photographs from the client archives.

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Bisset Family

One of biggest concerns I hear from clients about booking a session in is that they are worried about being stiff or awkward in front of the camera, so here are some tips to help you work feel like a queen in front of the camera.

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The Nield Family

A beautiful winter family session at Footscray Gardens. Winter is fast becoming one of my favourite times of year to photograph families!

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Mummy + Me Mini Sessions 2018

When you scroll back through all the thousands of photos in your camera gallery - how many photos do you need to scroll through before you find one of you and your kids? For one of my clients, it was 14,000 photos, and I’m on a mission to change that.

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Garcia Family

It's easy to become distracted by your kids who are destroying each others Lego towers, or biting each other or refusing to eat your food for the 100th day in a row, and feel like a failure. It's easier to dwell on the fighting and screaming and crying, than it is to remember the love; which is why photos like this are so, so important.

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Mummy and Me Mini Sessions