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Williamstown Family Photographer


Family photography will always have a special place in my heart, it's how this whole journey started. Over the years, I've captured so many families in so many different moods that I can tell raising tiny humans is hard work; and that it's really easy to get lost in the daily grind of it all.

It's easy to become distracted by your kids who are destroying each others Lego towers, or biting each other or refusing to eat your food (or any healthy food) for the 100th day in a row, and feel like a failure. It's easier to dwell on the fighting and screaming and crying, than it is to remember the love; which is why photos like this are so, so important.

And when my clients look at these photos, I hope they are reminded that even though the days are long and loud, crazy, and chaotic; they are also full of love and joy and laughter, and that they won't last forever.

Surprisingly, the majority of my clients who book family sessions mostly have kids under 5. It's really rare for me to have a session with older kids, I think maybe it's because older kids have attitude! 

The thing is though, most of that attitude is reserved for you - I'm a stranger, and most kids will be a bit more polite and cautious to me, than they will with you.  And you wanna know a secret? I actually really adore photographing school aged children, even though there's attitude, there is so much more personality!! I love talking to them, asking them questions, getting to know them and what makes them laugh (and look, I'm a big kid at heart, so it's really nice to let go of 'adulting' and play with my peers for a change hahaha).

This family? SO MUCH FUN! These kiddos were awesome to hang out with, and I was sooo excited their dog Bernie joined us at Williamstown Beach for their session! 

These photos are some of my favourites from 2018 so far.