A tour of my new studio

When I started this business, I was just a family photographer. Plain and simple.

And then about a year into being a family photographer someone asked me if I could photograph their newborn, and I was like sure - why not??

Well that was an eye opening experience - I remember having zero clue about what to do, and flying by the seat of my pants. I photographed that sweet little baby on the floor, on a blanket by the window, but I was hooked.



When I came home, I spent hours researching and reading and trying to learn everything I could about newborn photography. The biggest 'ah-HA' moment for me was when I learned about the big flat bean bag, perfect for laying the baby on (and much better (and safer and more comfortable than a blanket on the floor).

Pretty early on, I decided that the props and headbands and pumpkins weren't my style, I believe that babies are beautiful enough just as they are.

Not having a dedicated studio space didn't bother me very much, I'm an extrovert so I love to travel and meet people, and having to adapt to different lighting in every home was a challenge I kinda loved (and still do) as it kept me feeling creative.

But earlier this year I officially just became too big to keep travelling - and by that I mean that I just couldn't fit everything I wanted in my car anymore!  It started to feel restrictive and limiting and I reached a point where I felt stuck, my creative had stopped flowing.

Having to adapt to new and different spaces with different natural lighting was also becoming less of a challenge, and more of a frustration, so I knew I needed a space I could settle into; a space where the light would always be consistent (and I could stop stressing about what I might be walking into) which would allow me to play and experiment and grow.

One night I was laying in bed thinking about it, and it occurred to me one night that I run an actual proper freaking business, and that needing extra space in our house for business purposes wasn't selfish - so I [politely] asked my wonderful husband to vacate his office out of the spare bedroom so I could turn it into a temporary studio.

This is what I got to work with! It was teeny and cramped, but mine! And I loved it!

A sneak peek into my first ever (teeny tiny) studio.

A sneak peek into my first ever (teeny tiny) studio.


Earlier in the year we had also started looking for houses to buy. I was absolutely prepared for this to take 12-18+ months, but it only took two months for us to find our new home?! It happened SO QUICKLY, I had been prepared for a marathon, not a sprint!

And then two months after that we had moved in!


But we looooove our new home - it is so bloody bright and sunny and quiet and peaceful, and my studio is divine and I'm so in love and so grateful and, and, and - I could go on for days (Dan and I have worked *so hard* over the years to be in a position where we could buy somewhere of our own and I just feel so grateful to be here).

After my first few sessions it became clear to me that the studio needed painting (the walls were very, very beige).

It took me 30 years of waiting, but I *finally* got to paint walls for the very first time, and I kinda loved it.


The last photo is a before and after. I painted the walls Vivid White by Dulux and I love it! It's so much brighter now!

And without any further mucking around, here's a tour of my brand spanking new studio.....



The calligraphy on the wooden boxes and album boxes was done by one of my besties who happens to be an amazing calligrapher - Gemma May Co.


I may, or may not have (I totally did) cry after the first few newborn sessions, while I was going through the images, because I was so in love and so grateful for having so much space and light and everything. Here's a few of my favourite images from recent newborn sessions in my brand spanking new studio ♥



This post, my studio, heck, this awesome job I have would honestly not exist without YOU - my wonderful clients, my friends and family and every wonderful person who visits this website and reads my blog.

Thank you with my whole heart for your support, love, loyalty and friendship - you've got no idea what it means to me ♥

Lexi x

If you are having a bebe and want to come see the studio in person, you can find more info on my newborn sessions over here or you can hit the button below to send me an email! 

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