London · Honeymoon Part 2

In honour of Queenie's birthday (or at least our celebration of it), I thought I would share some of our favourite photos from our trip to London! You can find Part 1 of our honeymoon adventures over here if you haven't read that yet!


  • A visit to Buckingham Palace (that was boring, but we fell in love with St James Park);
  • My very own Disney Princess moment (Sings: feeeeed the biiiiiiiirds);
  • Catching up with all our wonderful Londoner friends;
  • Dark Sugars Chocolateria;
  • Being a total London tourist and doing all the touristy things (markets, London Eye, Big Ben etc);
  • Churchill's War Rooms were ah-mazing.


We were really miserable in London for the most part. While it was wonderful to see all our friends there (old and new), the rest of London just didn't sit well with us. It felt like Melbourne gone wrong! London is the only place where I didn't write anything at all into my travel diary, which should tell you how much I didn't really love it.

Perhaps it was the area we stayed in (Shoreditch) but our five days in London were a few too many.  I'm not sure I would go back to London, but I would love to explore the countryside more!

Of course it goes without saying that we both feel incredibly grateful to have avoided any terror incidents while we were there.


This place deserves it's own mention. Soooo delicious. We just walked past it when we were exploring the neighbourhood we were staying in, and omgyum.



The London Bridge was pretty cool, I didn't realise that you could walk across the top until we got there! We also had no idea that there was a museum component to it, which was exciting for us nerd-burgers to go through. 

The Tower of London was interesting, more fun museum stuff for us to go through! The queue to see the Crown Jewels was quite long but thankfully it moved pretty quickly, they were really interesting to see. You will just have to go experience those in person though as there are no photos!

We also went to visit Big Ben and we took a trip around the London Eye as well. That was okay, the view wasn't really all that great. It was also a little alarming (and reassuring?) to see the staff doing a bomb sweep of every carriage as people disembarked...

A few other touristy things - there's no way I could resist posing with an iconic telephone box lol! The Camden Markets were also an interesting experience.



Buckingham Palace was surprisingly unsurprising. It was surreal? Not as impressive as I thought it would be? I was underwhelmed by the experience.

But St James Park was absolutely beautiful. Walking through it was probably one of our favourite parts of the trip.

There was absolutely no photoshopping involved! Miraculously everyone got off at the same time and I was able to get a clear shot. And with the palace photo I walked up to the gate and stuck my camera through like a true tourist.



We watched this guy feed pigeons and squirrels for about 20 minutes before he took pity on me and invited me over to join him.


Thanks for capturing this forever Dan......

Yep. NAILED IT. I'm still waiting for my callback from Disney though.



This place was really amazing. We spent quite a few hours going through everything, and we only saw about half of it all. There are quite a lot of exhibits of old journals, there are movies, you could easily spend a whole day almost going through everything.

Next up in the honeymoon adventure series: Paris! ♥♥♥ Paris has my heart forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Lexi xo