Happy birthday to LWP (...and a little gift for you)!

I'm a little late to the party, but it was my business birthday two weeks ago - on 28 February to be precise!  This means I'm officially three years old! WOOHOO!

Surviving three years in business is a milestone I'm so proud of, and the fact I've been able to call this my full time job for the last fourteen months, man - I am so proud of that!  

Lecinda Ward Photography 3rd Birthday-1.jpg

I can still remember hitting 'Publish' on my first ever Facebook post, slamming my laptop shut and basically running as far away from it as I could - because holy crap, the anxiety was sooo crazy. Going from law to photography is a big jump, I didn't want my friends and family to laugh at me or be disappointed in me (the joke is on me here, because naturally they were all wonderful and supportive).  

If you had asked me - while I was covering my face with my hands and thinking omgomgomgomgwhathaveIdone on repeat - where this would take me, or where I would be in three years, honestly I would have said probably nowhere (I'm overwhelmed by my own confidence here).  

Like I said on my about page - being a lawyer taught me the importance of living authentically and doing things that make you truly, deeply, ridiculously happy.   Not because I loved being a lawyer, but because I didn't.  

I lived in denial for a long time about having passion for the law. And because I had no passion for what I was doing, I had no drive to succeed at it.  I would look at lawyers working ridiculous hours and think 'How? Why?'. I tried, believe me - I tried so hard to find passion for it. But passion is either there, or it isn't, and my lack of it eventually caught up with me and I realised I just couldn't do it anymore. Not only was I holding myself back, but I was holding my firm back too and it wasn't fair to either of us for me to continue.

I found where my passion was hiding, it was with this business the whole time - and it's everything I never even knew I wanted.

The fact I've been able to pursue this though - well it wouldn't be possible without you. THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me, and my business, it honestly means the world to me.


Now, I'm off to officially put my birthday in my calendar so I don't forget again - and maybe I'll go misbehave and laugh at fart and poop jokes...because that's what three year olds do best right? 😂

Kidding! I'm off to eat one of these delicious cupcakes!! Also, I suppose, something that a three year old would do haha!

Lexi x

PS: These birthday celebrations wouldn't be possible without you - and I'm planning something very, very special to celebrate (hint: it involves a giveaway) so stay tuned! It's being announced over on my Facebook page TOMORROW NIGHT, so make sure you follow along over there. ♥ xx