new old beginnings

Keeping up with Instagram and Facebook is just about all I can manage these days. Maybe the occasional pinning spree. This poor website fell right down to the bottom of the priority list last year, and trying to publish a blog was like Mission Impossible #5!

And you know those dreams, where you are running in slow-mo? Well my website was living that fresh hell in real life, and just thinking about all the work needed to fix it (deleting every photo, resizing every photo, then re-uploading everything) was enough to give me hives. Eeewww.

This year, I decided that particular job had landed itself in the too hard basket, and that it would probably be easier to build from scratch.  But I ignored the issue, because I really loved my old website design and I slaved over it for months when building it! Did I really want to give it all up, and start fresh?

A few weeks ago I tried to find something on my old website. I was there for 10 minutes, waiting for various pages to load. And if I was frustrated, you must be too - so here we are!

And I love my new digi-home! You might notice a few similar things from the old website, I just couldn't part with them, but hopefully you appreciate my new digs as much as I do!

But I decided that if I was going to go to the effort of building anew, I needed to have some goals. My biggest problem last go around was blogging. I fell into a rut (a consequence of being time poor) and got lazy, it was 10x easier to just upload a bunch of lovely photos from my recent favourite session than to sit down and rack my brain for words!

So from now on, there'll be no more blog posts of entire sessions. I've always enjoyed blogging, that's part of the reason I got interested in photography in the first place, and I want to get back to those roots a little. From now on, this space will be filled with monthly updates, to keep you up to date with what's been going on in front of my lens, both for work and personal projects (because we all love to look at pretty photos), behind the scene looks, helpful posts for my clients - etc, etc.

I'm going to schedule a blogging day into my calendar so I can finally get around to blogging things like how I made my wedding dress, our honeymoon photos from Europe, how I got started in photography and anything else interesting I can think of - if you have a topic you want to read about - please let me know!

But - I need to ask you a favour.

Don't let me fall off the bandwagon!!

If I fall back into bad blogging habits, you have my full permission to get grumpy with me! ๐Ÿ˜…

Better yet, shoot me an email, or leave a comment, and tell me something you'd like to read about! 




ps: No, you aren't crazy - this Lexi thing is new! And yes, it's weird! And no, I'm not getting rid of Lecinda - this is just a nickname! If you are curious, head on over to my about page to find out why I've decided to adopt it.