The Best of 2017

This year has been....just, beyond amazing.

You probably get so sick of me banging on about how bloody grateful I am to be doing this job; but strap yourselves in because here we go again.

This week I sat down and went through every. single. session from the past 12 months to pick my favourites for this blog post, and man what a mission that was. But it wasn't until I had finished, and I was scrolling through all 400 photos that it hit me all over again how lucky I am to do this job. I'm bloody crying (again) as I type this because hot damn, will you just look at how much love I've witnessed and captured??   

Over the last two years, I've been doing a lot of soul-searching to try and figure out exactly why I love this so much. It's too easy to just say it's because I love love, I wanted to dig deeper than that.

So then I came to the realisation that part of my 'why' is because I have a deep, insatiable need inside of me to know that love exists in this world; and photography is the way I capture it and bottle it for you. We all have hard times, and it so easy to focus on the negative and to lose sight of your love in the monotony of the day to day.  But now every single one of my clients can come back to these photographs, their very own bottle of love, and fill up their love tank.

It makes me feel like I am spreading love joy in the world, and that is god damn priceless to me.  

So to every single beautiful client who has entered my life this year, and allowed me to bottle some of their love; to every client who has come back for more sessions, to everyone who has joined my cheerleading squad and supported me - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

And case you are wondering, I didn't cull down those 400 could I? Considering I've delivered more than 30,000 photos this year - I think I did pretty well!!! 

Hopefully I included everyone, if I didn't please don't be offended ♥

Thank you again, with my whole heart.

2018 is shaping up to be just as amazing, just as epic and I am so looking forward to connecting with so many new (and old) clients ♥

Much love,

Lexi xx