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The wedding day of Shari and Eunuch was another epic day; I delivered 1000+ photos to these two! That's a lot more than usual, but honestly this day was SO EPIC that anything less would not have done justice to the story.

It was a beautiful day full of family, tributes to Eunuch's African culture and so much LOVE; I never wanted it to end.  This job is so wonderful, but it can be so hard too - because from my perspective, the best way to tell your story is to become part of it. To live and breathe it the same way you do; to cry at the romantic and sentimental bits, to laugh at all the jokes, to mingle and chat and dance the night away with you and your guests. It often means I leave each wedding feeling like part of the family, which is a beautiful feeling to have; but bittersweet too because I know that I might never see anyone of these wonderful people that you love ever again. 

This wedding day was especially difficult to leave; because of the truly wonderful sense of family and love and belonging that surrounds them. The traditional African song and dances, and the meaning attached to them, and the fun and warm and open, welcoming spirit that belonged to everyone was really so magical to be part of; even if only for a day.

And how lucky are Shari and Eunuch to live like that, every day of their lives? I'm sure it's not always perfect (nothing ever is) but the family, and community they have to love and support them is really something special.

It was truly an honour to capture all the love and joy; I hope I did it justice ♥


Some of my favourite moments from the day?

Hanging out with the guys and capturing the first [of several] games of the floor is lava. Adults who are also big kids are my JAM.  And I laughed long and hard at the "Eunuchcorn" jumpers they had printed!

Shari and Eunuch also chose to have a first look; which meant we got to capture all their portraits before the ceremony. I recommend this to EVERY bride who meets with me; and originally Shari and Eunuch weren't very into the idea (it's so different to the way we grerw up imagining our wedding day) but later they emailed me to say they had changed their mind! You can read this blog post over here, to get a better idea of why I love First Looks so much.

It was a bit of a rainy day, so I pulled my clear umbrellas out of the car (okay; so these umbrella's technically belong to my sister-in-law - I borrowed them once and just never returned them [love you Steph, thank you!] haha).

By doing a first look, Shari and Eunuch were able to give me 90 minutes of portrait time [if you are a long time reader, you'll know how happy that makes me] and we were able to spend some time with the full bridal party as well.

We hopped, skipped and jumped [a.k.a drove] to the ceremony location - Shari was the most determined bride I've ever met; and decided that we were going to proceed with the ceremony outside - rain, hail or shine!!! We ended up having two out of three, rain and shine, during the ceremony. I love the series of photos with all the umbrellas out, followed by them dancing in the sunshine. So good.

After the ceremony, and all the hugs and kisses, I whisked away my bride and groom for some Just Maried photos - okay, look I know I bang on about this, but clients who prioritise so much time for photos; I will f*cking love you until the end of time ♥

In the lead up to the wedding, Shari and Eunuch promised me some hectic dance floor action, and I wasn't disappointed at ALL. Having so many of his family members there from Africa made the day so special. The whole day was sprinkled with traditional song and dance, and skyrocketed Africa to the top of my bucket list. I just am so in love with the way they embrace life and love and express themselves through song and dance; on the night it called to my heart in ways I never felt before. 

OH! And I was nearly sent flying during a spontaneous game of 'the floor is lava' haha! I don't think I've ever run backwards so quickly before in my life! It's just lucky I didn't trip over anything [I am a major clutz, so it really was lucky as the DJ table was behind me]!

Anyway, I could wax lyrical about this wedding day and my love for Shari and Eunuch all day; but I'm going to sign off now and let you scroll on down to see some of my favourite photos from the day.

Shari and Eunuch, if you are reading this - thank you so much for trusting me to document part of your love story, it was truly an honour. 

Lexi x


Wedding Vendors

Girls Getting Ready/First Look Location: Fernglen Forest Retreat

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Tatra