Waz + Bec · Melbourne Aquarium Wedding

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Melbourne Aquarium Wedding

You know when you meet someone and you just click?? That's what it was like from the second I met Bec and Waz.  After I left our meeting, I just knew their wedding day was going to be something special and it truly was.

These two lovers chose to have a first look, which made me so happy - and holy COW. This first look was the most magical thing I've ever witnessed in my life; Waz teared up and then Bec cried and I cried - it was the most emotional and beautiful moment.  They were able to share all of those feelings with each other, without a huge group of people watching on - I can't even imagine how different that would have been, if they had left it to the ceremony to see each other.

Doing it before hand was so much more magical, and MAN. Waz's reaction was so worth it ♥

We spent almost an hour and a half exploring the park and taking photos (I love it when my client's prioritise so much time for wedding portraits, makes my heart so happy) before we headed off into the city for the wedding, which was held at the Melbourne Aquarium - the location of their first date.

During the whole ceremony there was just this one penguin who was swimming and jumping and diving, and keeping an eye on the whole thing - Bec and Waz had never seen the penguins swimming before the ceremony, and the staff said it was pretty unusual.  Sadly, Waz's dad had passed away about a month before the wedding, and all I could think of the whole time was that it felt like his dad was there in spirit, keeping an eye on the whole thing and celebrating with them ♥ 

It was just really special for me to watch as I was taking photos, and it made/makes me a bit teary to think he was there with them on their special day.

After the ceremony was over I whisked Bec and Waz away for a few 'just married' photos along the river, before we headed back in to join the party in the Fish Bowl - seriously, how freaking cool to have your wedding at the Aquarium!?

The party then continued on upstairs in the Rainforest room - there was no formal sit down meal, instead canapes came out all through the night which I freaking loved because it gave me so much more to photograph.  Did I mention that my bride and groom were the coolest couple in the world?!

Well in case you still don't believe me - they hired a roulette table and a black jack table to come in for the guests!! SO COOL!  I had a go at the roulette table and lost all my funny money (lol - this is why I don't gamble real dollars).

Waz is also one of THIRTEEN siblings (he has four sisters and eight brothers) and they ALL know how to dance. The dance floor was hectic all night - watching the guys all spin and twirl their ladies around the dance floor was really beautiful - romance is still alive!! It gives me the warm and fuzzies to watch people in love, and I may or may not have let out a few wistful sighs watching them.  

This whole day was so magical, and I was just so inspired by these two beautiful humans and the depth of their love that I couldn't help but take a little bit of video here and there throughout the day, and I'm so excited to share this video with you. I think I cried about sixty million times while putting this together ♥


Waz and Bec you have hearts of pure gold.  You are two of the kindest and most in love people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting - you can feel how excited and happy you were to be getting married in these photos. I'm so, so honoured to have been your photographer.

Here's a few of my favourite photos from your day.

With love ♥

Lexi xx

First Look Location: McLelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

Ceremony + Reception: The Melbourne Aquarium