Baby Jack

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Yarraville Lifestyle Family Photographer

This session holds a really special place in my heart.

These guys contacted me with a really special request - a super urgent session to take place before Mairead started chemo the following week. Mairead had just been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, six weeks after giving birth to her sweet little boy Jack.

It sounds like a horror story to me, I cannot even imagine how horrifying and distressing the news would have been, and to then have to start chemo 2 weeks later. Wow.

But these guys are absolute TROOPERS. Although they hail from Ireland, they have the Aussie battler spirit inside them ♥

Mairead reached out to me because she wanted to capture these precious moments in Jack's life, before the awfulness of chemo started, and so she would have something to hold onto and look back on during the tough weeks ahead.

I'm so honoured to have been able to capture these moments for Mairead and her fam bam - and that photo at the start, of Gerry looking at Mairead with so much love on his face still makes me cry ♥

Thank you for choosing me Mairead ♥

And I'm happy to share with you that Mairead has since kicked Hodgy's ass! 


Here's what Mairead had to say about her photos...

"Thank you so much for your most timely & stunning photos that have captured our life to a tee. I had them in time to watch with Gerry to boost me on my first chemo day and it was only woah after waoh. Jack loves his new word Ahhhhbooooooo and we can’t wait to download all the pics to the computer tomorrow. 

You’ve captured angles and glances we never knew were happening and poignant moments we will cherish forever. 

It was difficult to win over my hubby to The photoshoot but after you left he was hitting the roof with delight that we did it & how relaxing you made it all, he was so proud. 

The photos are only amazing, it will be hard to choose the framers!! Thanks so much appreciate all you hard work to get them to us fast. It was a tough week with op on Tuesday and chemo Friday but this was the best thing that made the week worth every minute! & you were the best person for the job. Thank you so much!"

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