Baby Mackenzie


East Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Dream clients do exist, and Sophie is one of them - how do I know? Because she emailed me and said "I go nuts for a shot of a newborn's tiny feet".

Girl - SAME.

This was also my first session after upgrading to the Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art Lens and ermagerd.....♥♥♥♥.

I was worried Sophie and Gregor would call an ambulance on me, I was basically frothing over this lens during our session! I'm so in love with it; I think I might even love it more than my beloved 35mm (also Sigma Art series). But can you blame me, because LOOK AT THESE IMAGES.

It also doesn't hurt that Mackenzie is one of the most utterly gorgeous little babies ♥

This is one of my favourite newborn sessions from 2017.

And if you are reading this - I have a challenge for you!

Can you pick ONE photo (yup, just one) and leave me a comment telling me which one you love? I'm so curious to hear everyone's perspective!