Location, location


Ever wondered where I hold my sessions? The answer is everywhere and anywhere, but I though I'd list a few of the most popular locations below.


Melbourne City

Nothing beats exploring the city itself ♥


Popular Parks




Someone once told me this park was a bit dodgy so I avoided going here for years, but holy moly when I finally checked it out? GORGEOUS! It’s currently my favourite spot - the colours, the light - it’s perfect all year round.


Footscray Park

You don't really expect to find something as nice as this in Footscray, but here it is. These gardens are located next to Victoria University, along the river (opposite Flemington Race course). They are unexpectedly huge, and in the perfect spot to capture the magic of sunrise.


Fitzroy Gardens

These gardens are located in Fitzroy, off Wellington Parade (near the Old Treasury Building). Think huge trees, and secret gardens. It' pretty special in late autumn/early winter when the leaves are changing colour!


Melbourne Botanical Gardens

The Melborne Botanical Gardens are one of my favourite places to go, all year round - but especially in autumn when the colours go wild with the changing leaves.  It's not a great spot to head to in summer for a sunrise session, as the gates don't open until 7.30am (which is too late in summer, especially on a sunny morning).


Popular Beaches




Honestly, the Victorian coast line along is gorgeous no matter where you go and I’ve stumbled across a few magnificent beaches as part of this “job”.


Williamstown Beach + Gardens

The beach is a popular spot in summer, and Williamstown Beach is a good option. The gardens are located a short drive from the beach (it only takes a minute or two to drive there).  The beach is too exposed and too cold in winter, but the gardens are nice and protected all year round, and are a popular spot for a lot of my inner westie clients.


Altona Beach + Foreshore

This is a spot I discovered back in 2017, when I was exploring with some clients for a maternity session. It was such a calm and still morning, the bay was like glass. I took some of my all time favourite photos there (you can see them below). It's not always like that, but the beach and foreshore is always good for exploring (except in bad weather - it's ten times worse along the coast!).



St Kilda Beach + Gardens

Brighton Beach

Indented Heads

Queens Park

Collingwood Abbotsford Convent/Children's Farm

South Melbourne


Other than travelling and working around the rest of Australia...





New York

...can I add the whole world to this list? Hey, a girl can dream right?!