How to get the most out of your newborn session experience


Babies are unpredictable little things, and every newborn session is a unique experience - especially if you have a session done for each of your children, they’ll all run completely differently from the previous!

Sit back and relax

We’ll chat away while I work, but while your little one is being photographed there’s nothing for you to do except sit back and relax. And another bonus for you? I’m a full service studio and change diapers for you (it’s nice to have a break from this job, no matter how small a break it is).

expect plenty of breaks

It’s likely that we’ll need to take plenty of rest breaks during the session to feed and burp your little one, change their diaper, and settle them down. I’ll always offer to take breastfeeding photos during your session (I never share photos of these private momets anywhere without your express permission) and am always happy to just sit and chat with you during this time, or entertain your older kids.

Keep an open mind

Your baby already has their own personality, their own little quirks and funny faces and behaviours that are unique to them. Each baby is different, and that means each session is different, which is why I never guarantee a particular wrap or photo.

Some babies will be very sleepy, some will be very awake - and either way is totally fine. It’s best to come to your session without any expectations about the type of photos you’ll get or obsessing over one particular photo - instead you’ll enjoy the whole experience (and the final result) much more if you trust that your final gallery will be full of photos that capture your little one exactly the way they are.

Stay calm

Each and every single one of my sessions is “baby-led” which means I’m watching and listening to your little one, and following their cues. Ideally, I prefer babies to sleep during the session as they’re easier to photograph this way, but ultimately if your little one is telling me that they want to be awake, this is how I’ll photograph them.

Settling babies on demand can be stressful, especially if you’re a first time parent, but the most important thing you can do is stay calm. Babies are incredibly sensitive to our emotions, and when we’re stressed our whole body feels different - our heart beats faster, we hold babies differently (tighter, in different positions), our voice changes. And the smart little cookies pick up on every single one of those things, which can ultimately make it harder to settle them. It’s extra hard for mums, because your baby can smell your milk - and even if they’re not hungry they will wriggle and move around a lot more as they try to attach themselves to you just for comfort.

I will constantly be reassuring you and helping where I can (I love me some baby snuggles) but I want you to know it’s totally normal for it to take some time to settle your baby, and I won’t rush you out the door, or end our session until I’ve got all the photos I need to provide you with a full gallery.

Dress for comfort

I always advise my clients to wear comfortable clothes to the studio, and wherever possible for mums to wear comfy bottoms and a singlet, and then have a nice shirt or jumper to quickly change into when they need to jump in front of the camera. As it’s likely we’l need to take lots of little breaks for feeding, settling and diaper changes, you don’t want to be wearing your good clothes during those moments in case of stains and accidents. Plus it means you can lounge back and relax on my comfy couch without worrying about wrinkling your clothes.

Bring snacks

I always try to get my clients out the door in under 2 hours, but sessions can go a little longer than this if your baby is very unsettled, so it’s a good idea to bring some snacks to keep you going. UberEats is also active in my area, so you can absolutely order food to the studio as well during your session! I usually have a little snack laid out for my clients these days, but it’s always good to bring extras!

If you’ll be bringing your older children to the studio with you - snacks are a MUST!


Here are a few of my favourite behind the scenes photos - but make sure you also view the full portfolio here!


Are you expecting a baby?

If you would like more information on booking in a simply natural newborn session for your little one (older children are welcome) then please check out the portfolio + FAQ page here, you can find details about your investment over here, or if you would like the full pricing guide please click the button below to send me an email!

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