Baby Rosaria

Williamstown Simple Natural Newborn Photographer-14.jpg

WILLIAMStOWN Newborn Photographer

This sweet little squish was such a darling, sleeping through our whole session (with only one or two pit stops for some milk). I love so many photos from this session, and so do Mum and Dad who chose three beautiful prints to frame [I've got no idea how they chose!].

Babies come in such amazing shapes and sizes - from teeny weeny bebes at 2.2kg to 4kg babies; some with a full head of hair like this little darling and some with none! Some are wrinkly, some are not. Some babies make lots of noise, and some sleep the whole way through.

While I love cuddling babes to sleep and capturing them napping peacefully away, creating beautiful portraits to hang on their wall for years to come, hands down my favourite part of the session is where mum and dad jump in front of the camera.  

It’s the ‘I can’t believe your here’ smile, the oh-so-gentle kiss on the nose and it’s in the way they hold each other, and in the way they gaze at her – when Rosaria looks back at these photos in five, ten, fifteen years time, she won’t need to be told how much she’s loved, she'll be able to see and feel it for herself.

No matter what though, each and every baby is perfect and it's an honour and a joy getting to know them and photograph them ♥