It’s our three year wedding anniversary today* (eleven years together this year) - and yup, its’s taken me another year to edit the photos from our holiday to Tasmania last year, for our ten year anniversary lol!

But this time it was a bit more complicated because I decided on our holiday that I wanted to take a bunch of video. Yes, fantastic idea Lecinda. Cute, but geeeez you do not have time to edit your photos let alone put a video together!

So I may or may not have been up until 1am last night/this morning and fighting with my sloth-like internet to get it uploaded - but here it is! It’s a bit cute ♥.

Keep reading if you want to scroll through the photos (and read about where we went).


DAY 1 + 2 - HOBART

These two days are a bit of a blur to me actually, because someone (me) thought it would be a great idea to book an all-day wedding for the day before our holiday. I got home from the wedding just after midnight, and then was up at 4am to catch our 7am flight…not sure what I was thinking! The first day I spent in a bit of a coma, but we explored as much as we could. The Salamanca markets were fun and colourful, and we also went to visit a family friend in the afternoon before heading up to Mt Wellington for sunset (and froze our butts off in the process).

The next day we caught the ferry to MONA, sooo worth it! I love sailing and being on the ocean, so I spent most of the trip on the front deck. MONA is amazing, if you ever get the chance to check it out, definitely do it! We spent hours wondering around, there’s a lot to see and a lot to take in. The weirdest and most architecturally amazing museum I’ve ever been to.


DAY 3 / Chasing Waterfalls

We (I) decided that we would roadtrip around all of Tassie, I couldn’t narrow it down between the east or west coast so decided to both. In a week! We may or may not be a bit crazy.

We headed west first, and heads up the roads on this side of Tasmania are in.sane! Sooo incredibly windy, and I think it took us four days to see a straight road (near Launceston).

The driving was broken up with lots of hiking and chasing waterfalls. The first waterfall you see is Russell Falls and it was beautiful, about a 20 minute walk from the carpark. Afterwards you can continue up the hill to the top of the waterfall and walk through the bush to see some of Tasmania’s oldest trees (as well as other waterfalls such as Horsehoe Waterfall, which is the second waterfall pictured).

Afterwards we kept heading west and went to to Nelson Falls. This was about another 20 minutes from the carpark.

There’s an incredible stretch of road through Queenstown (Tasmania) that’s incredibly windy and goes through this amazing big valley - the driving was excellent fun!

We stayed overnight in the sleepy little coastal town of Strahan, before heading off the next day to see Montezuma Falls.



It’s pretty fair to say that Dan had absolutely no idea what he was getting into before we actually arrived in Tasmania. So when we arrived at the carpark to see Montezuma Falls, and he realised it was a three hour return walk to “just see a waterfall” he was less than impressed. But I insisted because it looked amaaazing and it truly did not disappoint.

It was a long, wet, boring walk. The rain slowed us down a little, and it took us four hours return - the track is flat the whole way, so not slippery or anything, but the rain slowed us down a little.

Once we got there though. SO. WORTH.

It was worth it just for the suspension bridge!

Afterwards we were pretty exhausted, so we headed straight to our accommodation near Cradle Mountain.



It was another cold, freezing day, but we rugged up and headed to Cradle Mountain for another day of hiking.

The visibility was shocking, we could hardly see more than 50m ahead of us, but we decided to go for it anyway. We hiked up to Marion’s Lookout, which took us a couple of hours return. We didn’t hike around the whole lake though, the weather wasn’t great so we just went up, and then straight back down to the carpark.

Honestly I didn’t think there’d be anything worth seeing at the top, and we didn’t see Cradle Mountain at all. But there was snow, and the clouds parted on our way downwe to give us a beautiful, ethereal view of Dove Lake and Crater Lake.

Plus, we made a few animals friends!

Mr. Crow followed us the whole way (Dan’s selfies with him are my fave) and we met a wombat (I got wayy closer than Dan).

Before we left for the day we walked through the Enchanted Forest which was actually quite enchanting.



Surprisingly this was the first day I got really carsick, a combination of physical exhaustion and emotional exhaustion from all the windy roads lol!

We did a big drive from Cradle Mountain all the way across Tasmania to the Bay of Fires. We stopped briefly in Launceston for lunch and to see a waterfall somewhere, honestly I can’t even remember which one and I didn’t take any photos because I was feeling so seedy.

But when we arrived at our accommodation in the Bay of Fires, I perked right back up because LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS.

Honestly, I really struggled to find nice (and modern and affordable) accommodation in Tasmania, for our whole trip, except for these guys. Our night here was hands down the best night of our whole trip. The facilities are soo lovely, and we spent an awesome night hanging around the fire, drinking and making new friends - I want to take a huge group of friends and go back here for a week. The hosts were also so beautiful and kind (and cooked us the most amazing food).

I wish we had booked more nights here, but we were up early for our last day of road trippin’.

We headed off to the Bay of Fires, we got a bit lost because it’s a whole bay and not a specific location (that we could find anyway) but it was beautiful and so warm. Like chalk and cheese compared to the wild, wild, west of Tasmania.

We headed all the way down the east coast pretty slowly, and finished up at Wineglass Bay.


Have you been to Tasmania? Where do you recommend - I definitely want to go back one day and see all the things we missed the first time round!

Lexi x