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Melbourne Personal Branding Photography

Working with women in small business is one of my new favourite jobs. Being invited into their home studios and their businesses, and helping them step into the light [quite literally] and out from behind their business is an honour. As women there is so much expectation on us to look a certain way, and we all have developed a complex about how terrible we look in photos [the iPhone has *not* helped this at all].

I think for so many of my clients/friends/acquaintances [me included] our businesses start off so small, and as they grow and we get more confidence in our market and product/service that it's easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking "Ohh I'm just little old me, no big deal!" or "My business has nothing to do with me".

But here's a news flash for you - you ARE your business. Your business does not exist without you! You are the backbone and soul of your business - and your customers and clients want to know who YOU are.

It's also proven that the more customers know you, the more they are likely to trust you, and the more they trust you - the more likely they are to remember you and buy from you.

No matter how big or small your business is, we want to know you. We want to trust you. We want to hear your story! We want to know what moves you, grooves you, inspires you to do what you do - and when you pair that with images of yourself doing your thing, you've got marketing magic [true fact: some of my best performing posts on social media are the photos of me].

For those of you who are holding back from sharing more of you in your business because of how you see yourself - can I ask you a question?

When you meet someone for the first time, or see a photo of someone for the first time - is your first thought about how fat they are? Or how bad their hair is? Or anything negative about them?? I know mine isn't - mine is usually "OH! So that's what they look like! Cool".  Show the same kindness that you would to others, to yourself - and don't let that voice inside your head hold you back ♥

In case you haven't e-met Rigel from Mind Body Tribe yet, she's an incredibly lovely health and wellness coach [who is a fellow career-switcher, coming from a PR and marketing background].

You can find her over here and read about , and you can find a few of my favourite photos from her session here.


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