Gemma May Co.

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Personal Branding Photographer

This year has been absolutely insane for my circle of friends. Two of my best friends from high school, including this beautiful lady, have quit their day jobs and launched their own creative businesses and my HEART CAN’T HANDLE IT!!

Gemma has always been the most artistic of all of us, but she never had the passion to really pursue art until she found calligraphy. But since she did? Geeeez her world has exploded in a flurry of nibs and ink and brushes and paper, and watching it all unfold, seeing her talent and the joy that it brings her makes my heart so happy.

And she is one talented cookie. Watching her bust out the most insanely beautiful piece of calligraphy just like that blows my mind. Her first draft often looks as good as a final draft!

When she was staying with me recently in Melbourne we celebrated the occasion with some fun headshots.

Em la Gem, I’m so freakin’ proud of you ♥

If you want to find out more info about her awesome calligraphy skills, you can find her over at Gemma May Co.

A little backstory to the GIF above - Gemma was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and was shot in the face at close proximity with a rose cannon (by my brother, lol!). So when I suggested that we use a confetti canon, she was kinda freaked out - only for us both to be incredibly disappointed at how lame the confetti canon was, and how non-explosive it was 😂😂.

Her reaction had me laughing so hard I was crying for about five minutes afterwards lol!