Emily + Frankie + Billy + Bump

Point Cook Candid Natural Maternity Photographer-11.jpg

DANDENONG Maternity Photographer

Everyone (including me) feels nervous about jumping in front of the camera; and I’m here to remind you that your bump is beautiful. You are beautiful. No matter how pregnancy has affected your body, you are making LIFE inside of you, and that is pretty freaking amazing. 

It’s my job to make you forget about all those lumps and bumps and things that make you feel self-conscious, and instead to get you focused on all the love and excitement you and your partner are feeling. 

Your bump is not the main focus; we won’t spend your whole session taking photos of you posing with your hand on your belly (because, boring). Instead, I want to capture things like the way your partner tenderly touches your tummy. The way he holds you extra gently, your glow, your joy, your excitement, and what life looks like right now.

Hopefully you can see that in these photos ♥

Here's a few of my favourite images from my maternity/family session with Emily, Frankie and Billy (and of course, the bump), at the Emerald Lake in Dandenong (one of the stops the Puffing Billy makes!). The sun came out just in time for our session, and I was in photographer-heaven the entire session because THE LIGHT. THE LIGHT!!! The kind of light dreams are made of (now I'm just being dramatic, but I mean come on - THE LIGHT).


When making a decision about whether to have a maternity session or not, don’t base your decision on the photos your friends or family have taken of you on an iPhone! The photos a professional can take of you will be ten times better, because you’ll be working with someone who understands that certain angles are more flattering than others, that lighting is key. Most
importantly, they’ll be able to guide you to feel amazing on the inside and outside.

If you are interested in finding out more information, check out my portfolio here (as well as the blog posts below) or if you are a superstar and want to chat, hit the button below to send me an email.