A new wedding reading (and a little secret)

Something you probably don't know about me is that I have a ridiculous addiction to those cheesy Hallmark movies and TV series.

The show that it started it all is a TV series on Netflix called “When Calls the Heart” (shared with me by my friend Erin). Gosh, it's so bad. But also so good. Literally, so wholesome and cheesy and full of happy endings and ridiculously sappy things that make my romantic heart swoon while my logical brain rolls my eyes.

This was TOP SECRET information - I mean, who wants to admit they are addicted to Hallmark haha! But my latest binge addiction “The Good Witch” shared this incredibly beautiful wedding reading in an episode where two of the characters get married, and I knew I needed to share with you.

They are about to say 'I do', three little letters, two little words.
Its the simplest part of the day; but there is nothing simple about the things
that will remain unsaid.
'I do' means I do know I could be hurt, but I am ready to be healed with you.
It means I do want to try, even when the fear of failure holds me back.
And I do not know the future, but I am ready to be surprised along the way.
'I do' means I do want your love & I do give you mine.
And nothing we do will ever be the same, because we will be doing it all together.”

Please tell me that it makes you go 'Awwww' as much as me?

Anyone else also addicted to Hallmark movies and TV series? Or have some kind of guilty pleasure they want to share with me haha! My previous guilty-not-guilty pleasure was Pretty Little Liars - ob.sessed!

Lexi x

PS: Sadly I've got no idea who wrote it, the internet can't tell me (I think maybe it was the show's writer Dean Batali)