Young Folks Digital



The second Erin from Young Folks Digital popped into my inbox, I just had a feeling that she was going to be awesome, the kind of client who has friend potential (if I might be so bold to say so Erin? Haha!) and the more I got to know her the more excited I was for her shoot!

If you haven't heard of Erin, she runs an excellente social media consulting business, and is an SEO gun for hire.  

But you can only hide behind your business for so long, and Erin knew she needed to step up front and centre as the face of her business; which involved jumping in front of the camera. Her brand is so full of dorky, nerdy fun that she knew this had to come through in her photos - and I think we delivered!

It's easy to see from these photos just how awesome she is, and just how much fun we had at our shoot (I never wanted it to end). 

Also, my pro tip moving forward for these personal branding photography sessions is to bring as many props as you can handle. This collection of images is about a poofteenth of Erin's new image library - I'm honestly amazed at how much we squeezed into a single hour!! The more variety you've got, the more images you'll end up with (and the more fun your shoot will be),

Lexi x


If you are a small business, and want to have fun with me and my camera, you can find more information about my personal branding photography sessions here or hit the button below to get in touch!