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Growing up, everyone I knew seemed to have parents who didn't love each other the way Disney taught me they should, or were divorced or getting divorced (this is the #1 reason I never wanted to be a family lawyer, but despite my best efforts I still fell into it).

Launching this business on the side was such an important creative outlet for me, but at the same time it also helped to balance my life out and keep my from turning cynical.

For every family that was falling apart, I would meet people who love each other so deeply and joyfully and openly, people who would share that love with me - it was, and still is, a revelation to me.

It's such an honour to be invited into your most vulnerable space, to witness and capture your love for you. I know how precious it is, and I don't take it lightly.

It's even more special to me when I meet people with souls as beautiful as Lena and Naran, full of kindness, warmth and love.  You are two of my favourite kind of people to work with, and it was such a joy capturing the love and happiness you have for each other and your bump ♥

We spent some time at the Fitzroy Gardens, capturing their love for each other and their sweet baby bump a few weeks before baby Emily entered the world.

I always fall a little bit in love with my clients, and with their little ones, and baby Emily is no exception to the rule; and who wouldn't fall in love with this bundle of PURE.SQUISH?!

 These are some of my favourite images ever 

If you are interested in having your bump and baby captured, please contact me now to reserve your session as there are limited spaces each month.