Aaron + Emma

When I was little, I demanded that my mum provide me with a little brother - a sister absolutely would not do at all and thankfully, she delivered on that.

I was five when he was born, and I can still remember going to meet him for the first time. I was wearing a black and blue stripey-top with a shirt. I can remember my dad coming to pick me up from grandma's house, and I can remember walking up into the hospital while holding his hand.  

It was pretty much love at first sight I think, and we were inseparable as kids growing up. But he's all grown up now (say what!) and in love (say what??) and has just built his first home with his partner Emma (what?!?) - all of which I find hard to believe because it only feels like yesterday he was a teeny tiny four year old going red all over with rage because I annoyed him so much, or a bite-sized seven year old offering to protect me from my bullies.

When he called me to tell me he'd met a girl, I knew she must be something special, and that she is.  These two love each other so freely, which I think is so rare, and so beautiful. It makes my heart so happy to see him so happy.

I hope that you always make each other laugh and feel this way ♥

It's always such a pleasure to photograph you guys, especially when it's in winter and I can escape the Melbourne cold to wander around in shirts, shorts and flip slops on the beach!!

I'm hoping to be back on the Sunshine Coast over the Christmas break and will be offering a limited number of sessions - if you are interested in a session please contact me to book in!