Over the last few years I’ve met some pretty amazing dads.

Dads who can transform kids from grumpy to giggle just by pulling a funny face.

Dads who change ‘No more’ to ‘more more more’ with tickle fights, lifts, swings, piggy backs, chasey…

Dads who can wipe away tears, and give the biggest bear hugs.

It’s shown me that all our kids really want is for you to be present with them, and I like to think both mums and dads can see the value of parents being in photos with their kids.

And when dads do jump in front of the camera, magic happens. Yes, even with the dads who consider having their photo taken to be as fun as having teeth pulled!

To celebrate Father’s Day and all the wonderful dads out there, I’m offering limited Daddy + Me mini photography sessions.


The mini sessions will be held on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of September (the weekend after Father's Day) between 8am and 11am at Footscray Gardens.

Each mini-session costs $200, and includes:

  • 20 minute session for your partner and your kiddos;
  • 10 high resolution files for printing; and
  • a gift voucher to surprise your partner with on Father's Day!

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