Looking for some answers to these questions? Here they are!

+ We are shy, and feel a little nervous about having our photo taken...

Yeah girl, I totally get it - me too!! Yep, I hereby declare that I get nervous in front of the camera - and I'm a photographer! Should be easy for me, right? NOPE! Totally nerve-wracking! But I believe in practising what I preach, and if I can do it, you can do it too (check out my about page to see photos of me in action).

Here's my promise to you:

  • I'll never tell you to just "be yourself" - because it's 100% possible to feel like yourself, and freeze up in front of the camera;
  • What I will do, is everything I can to make you feel relaxed & comfortable, because the more fun you are having the more natural your images will be. This means I will:
    • laugh with you at the awkwardness of the whole situation;
    • pull funny faces;
    • crack terrible dad jokes;
    • chat with you (I want to know all about you too);
  • Most importantly, give you lots of direction about how to stand in a flattering way for YOUR body type, where to put your hands (and what to do with them)

I'll also show you photos as we go, so I can get your feedback and make sure you are happy with your photos - and hopefully give your confidence a boost when you see how awesome they are!

+ I'm in! What's the booking process?

Shoot me an email, and I'll send across my pricing guide to you! Then all you need to do is let me know what kind of package you are interested in, as well as your preferred date! I'll then send over a personalised quote, invoice and questionnaire for you to complete, and once that's done and I've received your deposit/payment we are locked and loaded and ready to go!

+ How far in advance should we book?

For family sessions and weddings - you should book as soon as possible! My weekend slots are prime real estate, and tend to book out pretty far in advance.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are definitely available. Your payments for family, maternity and newborn photography sessions are always split into two payments of 50% to make things more manageable financially and to help your bank balance sweat less. I am always happy to discuss payment plans for wedding photography, our arrangement will just depends on your wedding date and your chosen package.

+ How long do we have to wait for our images?

All of your images will be available within 3-5 weeks after your session. For weddings, especially in the busy season, this can blow out to 6-8 weeks but I'll always do my best to get them to you ASAP.

+ Do you travel?

Ummm - I looove to travel! Where are you based? I will keep my travel costs as minimal as possible for you.

+ Do we get a black and white and colour copy of our photos?

The short answer -no. Some images just look better in black and white, and some just look better in colour! I will use my discretion to decide which images look better in BW and colour, but generally I deliver more colour than black and white.

+ Can I use my images on social media?

Of course! I just ask that you don't crop, edit or add any filters to them, since I've already done all of that for you! And I'll love you forever if you either tag me, or give me photo credit!

+ Do we get the RAW files, and can we see the outtakes and all of the images that didn't make the final cut?

Thankfully I don't get asked this very much, but I do not release RAW images EVER. A large part of my business and my brand is in the way I edit photos, my clients hire me because they like and connect with my style.

Release RAW images is too much of a risk, because it allows other people to edit photos I have taken, or even worse - I would hate for you and others to see unedited images hanging on your wall, only because they are like the rough draft of a novel - unfinished. I would take no pride in seeing them hang on your walls because they are not finished pieces of art; and it would also be confusing for people to see those images, and be referred to me only to see them edited differently than what is hanging on your walls, which would be damaging to my brand.

Your photos are always edited loosely, the only images I remove are images where someone is blinking, making an awkward face, are duplicates of the same image, or are technically flawed. You get everything else! Please be assured that I am not sitting on images that you might love.



+ What is generally included as part of our wedding packages?

The basic collection includes all edited digital images, in a beautiful handmade wooden box (with you and your husband-to-be's name engraved on top), aith gift 6x4 prints for your fridge - all sent to your doorstop within 8 weeks. Your images will also come in a personalised online gallery

+ Okay, but seriously - do you charge travel fees?

For weddings within 1 hour drive from Melbourne, there are no fees! Because I'm an all day photographer, I'll be there until you leave (which can be anywhere from 10pm to midnight) so for any other wedding where I can't drive home that same night, I will require accommodation for the night.

+ Can we meet before booking?

Abso-freaking-lutely. It's an essential part of the process, I won't book you in until we have spoken or preferably met in person! If you are interested, shoot me an email using a contact form and I'll send across my pricing guide and a link to my calendar so you can book in a Skype date!

+ Can you help us plan our wedding day timeline?

Yup! I've even got a sample timeline for you - as well as a huge mini-book full of other helpful info, which gets sent to every bride in hard copy once you book in!

+ Do we need to feed you on the day?

Yes please. Working a wedding is a really, really long day so providing me with a meal at your reception keeps me fed and happy - and protects you from the hangry monster who lives inside me - kidding, I always bring like 6 protein bars with me to snack on, so you are safe no matter what haha!

+ Do you support same sex marriage?

YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Love is LOVE. I wholeheartedly support my LBGTIQ friends, family and wider community. I am so looking forward to photographing weddings, of all shapes, sizes and colours - whether they be straight or lesbian or gay weddings!

+ Do you photograph our wedding on your own, or do you have a second shooters?

I like to fly solo at weddings, and don't need a second shooter to capture the amazing story of your day. I'm a huge social butterfly, and am constantly walking around capture everything - I've never left a wedding going, dang - wish I had a second shooter today. They are a fun bonus for me, but no necessary (and they are an extra expense to you).

+ Who edits our photos?

Meeee! Always me!

+ Do you have insurance?

Of COURSE - my equipment is covered, and I also have public liability insurance.

+ Can we order albums and prints after our wedding?

Of course - this isn't a problem. You can order an album and prints from me at any time within the first 12 months after your wedding for no additinoal fee, but any time beyond this may incur additional fees if I need to retrieve your images from archiving.

+ Can we provide you with a shot list?

My style is a blend of lifestyle and documentary photography - I like to float around and just capture the day as it unfolds around me, but at other times I will provide some direction for you (such as when you are getting ready, during the family formals, and during your romantic photos).

This way I get to be creative, and you get a little bit of everything to give you the greatest variety of shots and styles. Even though I’m using several different styles of photography, the one thing that I aim to do with every photo I take is to capture the heartfelt emotions and real connections you share with the people in your life – and this is what ties your photos together.

+ What if it rains?

Please don't worry about the rain! I've photographed weddings in rain and sunshine, and they are both still 100% beautiful. I do bring some clear umbrellas with me, for you and your husband-to-be to snuggle under during your romantic photos :)